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Can You Tan With Sunscreen SPF 50?

by Zero Gravity Marketing |

Most of us know we should be protecting our skin, but we also don’t want to give up that lovely, golden summer glow. If you have health concerns and care about your appearance, what can you do to get both?

Good news…you can still get a nice, golden tan with sunscreen on. Yes, you read that right! Even formulas as strong as SPF 50 don’t block all ultraviolet rays, which are the ones that color your skin a nice, even bronze. That means you can get a bronze tan while ensuring you don’t burn and try to avoid skin cancer at the same time.

Want to know more? Today we’re going to look at why you should be using SPF 50 sunscreen, how it works, and how to choose the right high-SPF sunscreen to get a great tan.

How Does Sunscreen Work?

Sunscreens fall into two different categories based on how they work:

  1. Chemical-based formulas that absorb and denature UV rays so that they can’t harm you
  2. Physical-based formulas that use particles such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide to reflect UV rays so that they cannot be absorbed

The latter tends to go on thicker and is associated with the stereotypical, white-plastered nose of vacationers. Today, however, zinc- and titanium-based sunscreens are much more discreet, blending all the way into the skin. Even better, they keep your body free of chemicals, so they’re always the right approach.

Can You Get a Tan with Sunscreen?

Given that UV rays scatter, many people assume that using a physical-based sunscreen means they can’t get a tan. That’s not the case, though, as even these sunscreens still let UV rays through. Your skin reacts to these rays by darkening to protect itself from future burns. Hence, you’ll still tan even with high SPF on.

Why You Need to Use Sunscreen Anyway

So if you can get a tan both with and without sunscreen, is it really necessary?

While a few UV rays passing through your sunscreen barrier won’t do you much harm – and will tan you nicely – you don’t want to give a whole lot of them access. This risks too many hitting you at once and burning your skin, which is what often causes cancer.

The best way to tan is by wearing sunscreen, then exposing yourself to moderate amounts of sunlight. Note that even sunscreen can’t protect you from extreme tanning, so make sure to moderate your exposure anyway.

Choose the Right High-SPF Sunscreen

The most important point here is that you risk burning, peeling, and getting skin cancer without the proper skin protection. But, with the right skin protection, you can still attain that healthy glow. Formulas such as Sobel Skin Rx Mineral-Based Broad Spectrum SPF 50 protect against UVA and UVB rays and include gentle ingredients to lift and rejuvenate your skin.

Now you can stay safe, get a tan, tighten, and tone all at the same time. What could be better? Explore the benefits of our other products to achieve your best skin yet.

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